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    15 Most Controversial Research Paper Topics For College Students

    A research paper should attract the attention of any reader. It should give an indication of an independent thinker other than a scholar who copies the ideas of other people. This is the idea behind controversial topics. After all, why write a paper on what everyone agrees with? Common topics are not exciting to read. They even do not attract the attention of a reader.

    Here are research paper topics that will out rightly generate controversy.

    1. It is time to legalize prostitution
    2. The benefits of marijuana are a testimony that it is time to legalize it
    3. With increase in mass shootings, it is time guns remained in the hands of law enforcement officers
    4. Access to sex information for teenagers calls for reduction of age of accessing birth control without parental consent
    5. The right to abortion should remain with the woman only if the man involved is unknown
    6. Assisted suicide should be declared a human right
    7. Hate speech violates freedom of speech
    8. Death penalty should be imposed for heinous crimes
    9. Going to college is officially overrated
    10. Criminal records should be wiped out once a person serves his term in jail
    11. Online dating eliminates bias by allowing people to love a stranger
    12. Curfews should be legal for minors
    13. Television ads are lowering the esteem of viewers
    14. The portion for warnings or side effects should be increased on adverts
    15. Parents should monitor internet use by adults

    The choice of a topic goes beyond a title for your paper or an idea that seems controversial. There are considerations that you need to make to simplify your work.

    • Chose an area you are interested in. It is easier to work long hours on a topic that is closer to your heart. Passion also generates insight that boosts the quality of work you produce.
    • Find a unique area of study- controversy means that it is on the lips and minds of many people. There is a possibility that the topic has been studied over and over. Such topics do not find traction among readers. A unique topic is captivating.
    • Differentiate between opinion and facts. Controversial topics elicit a lot of debate. Read widely to identify facts from heresy or opinions. A research paper must be based on facts. These facts must be substantiated. It will strengthen your paper and make it more convincing to read.