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    A Collection Of Thought-Provoking Research Paper Topic Ideas About Global Warming

    Global warming is one of the hottest topics of this modern era. This topic, in particular, is quite controversial in nature due to which it is general amongst the favorite most research paper ideas provided by instructors. There are multiple aspects to the idea of global warming that you can choose to write on unless any specific criteria have been offered to you. You can focus on the causes of the effects that help trigger climate change along with many other such phenomenons. Here are a few top notch thought provoking topics that will help you write a paper on global warming:

    Causes of global warming

    The most common and simple of aspects that you can choose is the causes of global warming. By focusing on the cause of this phenomenon you can write on the following topics:

    • Greenhouse effect and its processes
    • Industrial revolution
    • Growth in agriculture and transportation as causes of global warming
    • Relation between global warming and forests
    • Can burning fuel cause global warming?
    • Carbon overload as a cause of climate change and global warming

    History of Global Warming

    You can talk about the different processes that led to the discovery or the rise of this phenomenon. Different topics that you can choose from are:

    • Discovery of global warming
    • Factors leading to climate change
    • What is the Eurocentric perspective of climate change and global warming?
    • Is climate a delicate idea?
    • How is global warming possible?
    • Evidence of global warming throughout time

    The Issues of Global Warming

    If you’re not looking to restrict yourself to the causes or history of global warming, then you consider writing on the issues that are caused due to global warming. The impacts will reflect a modern relevance in your research paper and the readers will be able to relate better. Make sure to back your arguments with previously conducted research through means of literature review and different references. Some of the ideas that you can use include:

    • How can one adapt to climate change?
    • Consequences and confrontation of global warming
    • How will future change with global warming?
    • Can the humans control global warming?
    • How to divert media attention towards global warming?
    • Role of global warming in Atlantic
    • Damages created by man on climate
    • How to use human influence for global warming solutions?

    You can include issues related to pollution and what not. Make sure to pick the topic of your interest for you to form a clear stance on the topic.