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    Crafting Your Research Proposal: Topics On Marketing That Will Draw Reader's Attention

    As part of your research proposal, you will be outlined in a variety of different things relating to your essay. For example, you will be providing the reader with details of any objectives, methods, and other important details. In fact, the proposal is one of the first things that the reader will read and, therefore, it is important that it is written to a high standard.

    However, whilst it is important to craft a well-written proposal, it is even more important that the topic you choose to write about will draw the reader’s attention. Essentially, you can spend all the time you like creating a fantastic proposal; however, if the topic doesn’t draw redesign, then they may never bother reading in the first place.

    To get a better idea of what constitutes an eye-catching title, you may wish to look through various marketing magazines in order to see how various articles have been titled. Look to see which ones you are most interested in, and use this as inspiration and guidance for picking your own titles. Ultimately, the ones that draw your eye the most of the ones that you are more likely to read about and the same will be true with your essay.

    As well as looking through marketing magazines, you may wish to look through some of the ideas below. If any of them seem eye-catching to you, then you may wish to use them as inspiration when developing a title of your own. Alternatively, maybe you can think about what can be done to improve the titles below.

    • How did the use of loyalty cards revolutionize marketing campaigns used by supermarkets and other retail chains?
    • What are some of the main pitfalls that marketing teams should be aware of when using social media to promote a business?
    • An analysis of possibly the worst marketing campaign of all time
    • How to develop a long-term, multiple-stage marketing campaign
    • The problems faced when trying to develop marketing campaigns for an international audience
    • Understanding your target audience and how best to appeal to them
    • What is social pull marketing?
    • The pros and cons of primary and secondary research
    • How can the Internet be used in identifying the wants and needs of customers?
    • What problems can be faced when using questionnaires and surveys to try and identify and learn more about your target audience?