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    20 Things To Write About In A Macroeconomics Term Paper

    Do you want to spend less time thinking about a topic? Of course. That’s why you got past the headline. Well, consider researching a market. Here are 20 market ideas categorized as free or regulated to speed the process:

    Free Markets

    Computers You can discuss research into advancing hardware capabilities, or the extent to which computer technology has progressed.

    Entertainment The multitude of industries overlap, such as concerts at sporting events and films about dance. Evaluate circular flow between or amongst:

    • music
    • theatre
    • dance
    • film
    • sports
    • radio
    • video games

    News In your term paper, compare and contrast advertising investments in television, radio, internet, and print news.

    Religion Think about analyzing correlations between religiosity and long-term fluctuations in gross national income.

    Home Consider researching interest rates charged by home decor businesses.