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    Ideas To Use In Your Research Paper About Abortion In India

    The topic of abortion has received immense amounts of heat for decades that have passed and decades to come. It is a very interesting research topic, and the following ideas should help you assimilate the concept of abortion in India. Most of the ideas pertain to the rural areas of India and among the lower ‘castes’ of the community.

    1. Female feticide: The biggest issue regarding abortion in India i.e. female feticide. Back in the day, in the early 20th century, female children were considered a burden on the family. The two primary reasons were that:
      • Women were not allowed to work, so they were restricted to lending their hand in the household chores. Hence, they were a failed attempt at conceiving ‘a medium to assure themselves a stable paycheck into their household.' Since feminism was a concept still in its very early stages, ideas like this were far from being considered being sexist in those communities.
      • The second reason was the Dowry system. This was a system where when two families decided to get their children married, which is the age-old way of getting married in India, namely Arranged marriage, the family of the woman had to pay heaps of money in either cash or the form of goods, as a token of appreciation for taking their daughter’s hand in marriage. Since most parents feared to lose an immense amount of money as their soon-to-be-born daughter came of age, abortion was their only preferred choice of ‘handling’ the situation.
    2. Casteism: Another reason for abortion was the caste system in India. India is a secular country with the main religions that comprise in the state being Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. During the era above, inter-religion marriages were looked down upon and bearing the child of a person from another religion or caste was considered forbidden and even punishable by the village head. Punishable by the death of the baby, or the baby and mother both.
    3. Child marriages: The last reason in this article is child marriage. Female children were given their hand in marriage to men with three times their age. The women were 12 years old or so. Bearing a child at this age could be fatal. And this was a very popular culture in the rural and urban areas of India.
    4. The law: Since all of this caused the sex ratio in India to fall on a fearfully declining rate, a law was introduced which made it illegal to determine the sex of the unborn child or even use technologies to alter the gender of the fetus.

    These are a few of the many ideas that should help you in your research paper about abortion in India