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    Outstanding Research Topics About Macbeth

    Macbeth is often placed alongside Hamlet as the greatest story ever written in the English language, so it already makes sense to want to write a research paper on it. Here are twelve outstanding research topics that are full of sound and fury and will be sure to signify something.

    1. What is the symbolic importance of light throughout Macbeth? Pay specific importance to the putting out of candles and the feeling of despair throughout the play.
    2. What is the significance of differing meters throughout the play? Some lines are in iambic pentameter, while others are in trochaic tetrameter, and some are even in prose.
    3. What relation does the actual writing and performance of Macbeth have with King James I, historically? In what ways did King James act as a patron in Shakespeare’s life?
    4. From what sources did Shakespeare contrive his image of witchcraft found throughout Macbeth? What are the sources of these tales, and what literature can we assume Shakespeare read from these scenes?
    5. When the witches show Macbeth three apparitions, with reference to what form of paganism or northern European culture does Shakespeare include the praise of trees? How does this compare to other Renaissance literature?
    6. How is the interaction of Macbeth and the doctor truthful to the medicine of the time? How does this compare to the other appearances of doctors and apothecaries throughout Shakespeare’s body of work?
    7. To what extent can the “weird sisters” be derived from the classical Greek fates? In what ways are the weird sisters either positive or negative forces in Macbeth?
    8. With reference to all Shakespeare plays, what is the role of Alcohol? How can one determine William Shakespeare’s personal opinion on alcohol from the well-wrought phrases that are found in his plays?
    9. What was the biographical situation of Shakespeare like at the time of his writing of Macbeth? How can this be seen throughout the play, and is there any character in which autobiographical elements can be seen?
    10. What is the theme of Macbeth? How is this theme displayed by the symbolic counterparts of the characters and their actions? What is the symbolic equivalent of murder?
    11. Why does William Shakespeare feel the need to replace the humor and sentiment of his other plays with a dark paranormality and focus on violence and the supernatural in Macbeth?
    12. In what way is security mortal’s chiefest enemy? What did Shakespeare mean by this?