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    Let's Write On Gambling: Research Paper Ideas For The Topic

    From casinos to one-armed-bandits to bookmakers, there are many different ways in which people can gamble. In fact, whilst gambling has always been particularly appealing to various individuals in society, since the development of the Internet, it is never been easier for people to gamble on various things. In fact, one of the things about gambling is that it is possible to bet on virtually anything - there are famous stories about rich individuals betting on raindrops trickling down windows, with the winner being one reaches the bottom soonest.

    Another thing about gambling is that it appeals to people of a wide range of backgrounds, which can make it relatively interesting to study in terms of the psychology of gambling. Actually, gambling can be studied in relation to a wide range of different subjects, including the history of gambling; various mathematical topics relating to the way in which gambling statistics work; various legal aspects of gambling; and much more.

    Furthermore, gambling can be used as the basis of a research paper, whilst looking at a much wider topic in general; for example, you may wish to look at the American Mafia and how they make their money, whilst focusing to some extent on various gambling operations that might be used.

    To give you some further ideas for topics relating to a range of different subjects, the following outlines a selection of titles.

    • To what extent is gambling addiction related to an individual’s class in society and wealth?
    • An analysis of card counting in relation to blackjack and how individuals can improve their chances of winning
    • Understanding the statistics behind casino games and where individuals are more likely to win or lose
    • Is poker a form of gambling?
    • How to betting companies get around national and international legislation in order to provide customers with their services?
    • What legislation is imposed upon betting companies to help prevent minors from taking part in gambling?
    • Compared to drugs, alcohol, and other ills of society, how does gambling addiction rank in terms of the devastation it can cause for individuals and their families and friends?
    • Why do lotteries often avoid the same legislation that other forms of gambling are restricted by?
    • How has the Internet changed the way in which individuals can gamble?
    • How do betting companies use advertising, promotions and other techniques to lure customers?