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    How To Write Your Research Paper- Teacher’s Suggestion

    You will find myriad suggestions on the Internet that will progressively guide you to write an unerring and ingenious research paper but the basics behind a foolproof paper are what you receive from a teacher. Below are some golden guidelines for your assistance in writing a flawless paper-

    • First thing first, decide on or establish a topic
    • Take a complete week to shuffle through various topics that tantalize your mind and narrow down one or two topics, which you will explore further to develop that one research topic.

    • Find the right sources
    • Sources are the skeletal framework for your research paper as well as your topic. If you do not spend a reasonable amount of time on finding the right sources, you might as well stop preparing for writing the paper. The places you can find the sources are libraries, e-libraries, databases in your library, Internet, encyclopedias etc.

    • Write a sketchy abstract or draft
    • When you write an abstract or a simple draft before going about the painstaking details of a research paper, designing your thesis questions or hypotheses becomes tenable.

    • Declare your thesis questions
    • Stating the hypothesis or thesis question is the first step where you address the issue or problem, concerning your research work, directly. Thesis gives you a concrete way and works as your destination where you have to eventually arrive.

    • Create an outline
    • A research paper follows one particular outline that should be kept intact. The outline must begin with the optional abstract followed by introduction that contains research questions, a literature review, research method, results, interpretation or discussions, conclusion and finally the reference list. Write in points under every category for your outline.

    • Organize the notes and ideas
    • This step is crucial as it involves a lot of your skills, every note you have gathered is not relevant for your paper and the ones, which are significant, must be sequentially written. Every category in your paper must contain different information without plagiarism.

    • Write a fresh final draft
    • The fresh draft is concomitant to all the above-mentioned steps. Once you finish writing, make sure to proofread and edit all of it.

    • Do not forget to write the reference list
    • This list holds every other source that had helped you with your paper, the sources are listed in alphabetical order and different formats, for example MLA, APA, Chicago style etc.

    These are the basics to your paper, all you need to do is incorporate your ideas and improvise the steps in your own ways.