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    A Manual To Help You Create A Research Paper Thesis Question

    A thesis question is also referred as the main statement. This is a sentence that captures your main idea or position about the subject under discussion. It carries the main point, agenda or central message. It will bring out the organization or theme of the paper. Before developing the question, you must have a clear and definite idea of what you intend to write about. Changing this idea mean that everything else in your paper has to be changed.

    The question or statement always appears at the beginning of your paper. For a simple and short essay, it should appear at the first paragraph. Longer papers like dissertations offer the liberty of having it in the second paragraph. It must be at the earliest opportunity to provide direction to your work. The idea is to focus your entire discussion into a single statement or two sentences.

    How to Create Impact

    • Avoid burying the statement deep into your paragraph or paper. It will be too difficult to identify it. The reader will have already read too much into the discussion to make sense of this statement.
    • Avoid the use of vague words. The statement should be very clear and straight forward. This prevents confusion among readers.
    • Indicate the idea or point you are making without using the words, “ The point I am making…. or anything related to that.

    The thesis question for your research paper should be very specific and clear to the reader. Though you have a statement at the beginning, you will change the statement from time to time in the course of drafting. However, the main frame must be maintained.

    A specific question contains two distinct statement that are joined by such conjunctions as ‘or’, ‘but’, ‘yet’, ‘so’, etc. You may also use subordinating conjunctions like ‘because’, ‘since’, ‘although’, ‘through’, etc. Avoid using two statements that are unrelated or unfocused. It brings confusion and will not serve the purpose.

    A general thesis question is also dangerous to use. It does not indicate the meat of your paper. A general statement denies you the opportunity to delve into the details of a matter. This means that all your ideas will be shallow and unguided. There is a possibility of going to wide and thus failing to successfully defend your position. It widens your area of research which leaves you with too much work. This is unnecessary. Make the statement as specific as possible.