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    Hints For Creating A Strong Research Paper On Multivariate Analysis

    Those who know about multivariate analysis understand how important it is to use it in a variety of industries. While students take courses on this complicated process that only gets more complicated when more variables are added, students are often tasked with writing research papers to prove they understand the topic. Multivariate analysis may be all about numbers, but there is always something that can be proven and argued as students look for relationships between different variables. Here are some hints to help you create a strong research paper on this ever-growing topic:

    • The first thing to do is remember the writing process. Even though this is more of a numbers-based topic, the writing process should still be followed. Therefore, students should plan out their papers using their favorite outlining form. They should also create a thesis statement that includes an argument that they plan to make. The argument should involve the variables that are being compared and the outcome that is expected.
    • Once the paper is planned, students should begin the process of writing. This means that they should write a rough draft, including the necessary citations for the sources used. Many students find it easier to write on paper, then to type their words. This allows them to truly write two drafts and to edit as they transcribe from paper to computer. For students who are not good at editing, this technique works. For students who can edit as they type, it is usually easier to just type the paper on the computer and make changes as they go.
    • The paper needs to be divided into paragraphs and depending the style that the instructor requires, you might also have to add certain sections. The introduction is always first and should have an attention-getting hook, some background information, and the thesis statement. The body paragraphs all need a topic sentence that refers back to the thesis and sentences that support the topic sentence. The number of body paragraphs will vary from person-to-person, but the paragraphs should be lengthy and filled with researched information that helps prove the thesis.
    • The final paragraph is the conclusion. It should resemble the introductory section, but in reverse with the thesis, background information, and then a reminder of the hook. The concluding section should use new words, but encompass the same ideas. These hints should make the process easy and should help you get a good grade.